The Challenge
Depersonalization effects adulthood between 1 & 2%  in the US which represents 3 to 4 million people. Depersonalization is feeling unreal and dreamlike any time of the day. It can be a scary event to face especially when out in the world where mental health is often looked down upon.


Nike Honors Class
Product Development
Jan 2019-May 2019
Project Overview
Eunoia (you-noh-iea) is a space where users can know what is going on with their body and mind. Have a community to help support dangerous episodes and still continue to be willing to connect with professionals and their tribe. The app provides safe advice from your professionals and a product that keeps track of depersonalization.
The Takeways
If I had another chance to work on this project, I would love to add a feature where each time the user feels better or interacts with the app, it turns darker. It blooms with the client.


  • Research
    Market Research
    User Scenarios

  • Wireframes
    User Interface
    User Experience

Creative Director: Catharin Walker Eure

Research & Process

The App

Key Points

  • EEG technology to determine if user is in a normal state or experiencing dislocation along with a wearable device to track.
  • Smart AI that learns user’s habits and patterns.
  • Medical Prescriptions: doctor/therapist sharing info
  • Biometric Systems such as Blood Pressure, Heart Beat, Sleeping Habits.
  • Depersonalization tracking
  • Healthy Eating Habits
  • Recordings of the user’s voice that can be spoken back to them to help relieve symptoms.
  • Exercise Practices
  • A gift exchanged with the community who has downloaded the app. All anonymously.
  • Data exchanged anonymously to help the user see who else is on the same journey as them.


With Eunoia it will help track your eating habits, take a quick picture of the food and it will tell you what is in it based on protein, carbs, fiber, fats and total.

Physical Health

Be able to track your Biometric Systems such as Blood Pressure, Heart Beat, Sleeping Habits. Have full access how you are doing and be able to change your habits. Your doctors can see how you are doing with this app and send you information to make your health be improved. This is important when it comes to depersonalization, especially sleeping habits. Having a steady sleeping habit can help improve depersonalization symptoms.


Be able to track how you are feeling and how you are doing. Compare your journey the longer you use Eunoia to help you depersonalization tracking.

EEG Technology

*EEG - electrophysiological monitoring method to record electrical activity of the brain.

The idea stems from many research such as implants, recording of the brain, the nervous system and how we can gain information without harming the body and damaging the nerves. This device is placed on the back of your neck where your brain connects to spine (nervous system) it can be displayed on top of the skin, there is no need to be implanted unless instructed by your doctor.

The picture below demonstrates what the band-aid can look like on the person.

The material is very skin friendly feels like a band-aid. The device comes in many different skin colors. it is a small device as small as your thumb placed on the back of a person’s spiral cord where the center of the brain and central nervous system connects.

User Takeaways

  • Userflow for Eunoia
  • Mind Map of Mental Health, Anxiety focused.
  • User Journeys