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Orenda will make it easier for people to understand where Introverts come from and for Introverts to understand it’s okay to be an introvert in any social situations. Society has always favored extroverts. Society has always been geared towards extroverts in the work place and at school growing up. A lot of people have pushed the idea that introverts are weak, overly sensitive, and always misunderstood because society doesn’t really know much about them.
The Challenge
The problem is society thinks introverts have a disadvantage in the world and introverts will feel misunderstood because society doesn’t have the tools to help them. The hardest part of understanding people is that not everyone has the same temperament, personality, struggles.  For introverts it is hard to relate to what they go through on a daily basis: emotionally and socially. The challenge is I need to speak not only to the introvert, but to other people as a whole.
My Purpose
Orenda is a product design solution to create tools and solutions for Introverts to help them navigate through social interactions.
Brand, UI/UX Designer


The Brand was inspired by Anton Stankowski and Bauhaus with the use of shapes. Orenda is a company where introverts can learn to adapt, accept, and communicate to gain confidence to build a community for themselves and apply it to the extrovert world. To give introverts the tools to navigate through social interactions and to build their own community to gain confidence for themselves to use in life or social situations.

The Logo

Orenda’s word mark is a form and shaped to give the user a feel of the brand. The symbol is just a circle and this is because introverts are more than likely be visual learners so shapes are not only easier to understand, it is also the basic elements of design and symbolizes introverts are simple people.


Any ages. Introverts are everywhere, studies suggest that 30 to 50 percent of the U.S. population are introverts. That’s one out of every 2 or 3 people you know. So the range is huge. The demographics pin point the issues introverts deal with on a daily basis and hopefully can speak to people who also have social anxiety, socially awkward, or extroverts that are shy.

The App


- Questions I asked myself: How to explain this to someone who doesn’t know what an Introvert is / Personality Types?
- Do all introverts thrive to have some sort of connection or is it only some personality types?
- How can there be a better way to communicate while keeping the standard of “small talk”?
- Challenging social norms with introverts and how to be successful.

The image to the right, I went through several versions before deciding on a direction that was simple, open, and user friendly.


The Main flow through the app to allow Introverts to discover, connect with people, read reviews on what is most comfortable for them.

Simple Onboarding

Easy to Navigate

Make Connections

Find Same Interests


Orenda app includes an earpiece to allow the users hear the instructions of what they need to hear. This goes along the lines of advice, suggestions of topics, anything that will help the individual in social situations. The earpiece will customize to the user and the AI will adapt to the user and learn from them in order to help with

The more you use this feature of Orenda, it will help navigate the individual in tough situations. While people can connect their Alexa, Siri (Apple AirPods), Google Assistant to the app, it is highly recommended to have Orenda be connected due to its unique learning about you and your social cues.

Setting Up Orenda

The Interaction

Orenda will help the user if they are ever stuck in an awkward or uncomfortable social situation. It can be spoken through the earpiece, be interacted through the earbuds or through the phone. Whatever is the most comfortable with the user. You can always turn off Orenda if you don’t want her to speak to you.

User's Connection

Easy to Navigate

Make Connections

Find Same Interests